International schools

Polytechnic University pays special attention to the development of international activities and international cooperation Traditionally, SPbSPU organizes various summer and winter schools, international weeks for thousands of students from around the world to visit Saint Petersburg.

Our annual events:

  • Summer School "Space Technologies"  (July) Do you want to learn more about space telecommunications and spend your holidays in the most beautiful Russian city? Then join our "Space Technologies" Summer School!
  • Summer School "PolyPhotonics" (July) is dedicated to photonics and optics.

  • International Polytechnic Winter School (January-February) is dedicated to various sectors of energy, IT, business and management. This year, students and students from all over the world opened the doors and winter school module organized by the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications: Space Technologies: basics and theory. Special attention is given to the study of the Russian language and culture.

 Other events organized by Polytech.